Welcome to Hills and Skies!

These galleries contain images that I have gathered from my photographic life and travels. ‘Hills and Skies’ reflects my interest in landscapes, especially the Big Skies of the American West. But landscapes are not all that you will find here. My travels and photography have increasingly focused on wildlife on several continents.

Photography provides me joy in many ways. The adventure of travel to new and iconic locations. Capturing a moment and in return sharing it with others. The creation of the print and exhibiting the physical output.

        “If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff” - Jim Richardson

This quote describes my motivation. I am drawn to the golden glow of sunset, the rolling clouds of the evening on the plains, the curve of the musician’s fingers, the speed and strength of the athlete. Successfully capturing the vibrancy of color and contrast of light and shadow fascinates me.

I find my self working both deliberately and spontaneously. I will plan, scout and approach a subject in order to capture a vision. And I often reach for the camera with no anticipation other to capture a unique or extraordinary light that is offered as a gift. My primary medium is Digital.  My images are processed in Photoshop and other software tools in order to express the vision I felt when I looked through the viewfinder.

Sports are another special interest where I spend my time.  To see my sports images please visit www.DaleGSports.com

Dale Grosbach

* Jim Richardson,