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Welcome to Hills and Skies!

These galleries contain various examples of my efforts at the art and exercise of photography. Hills and Skies reflects my interest in landscapes, especially the Big Skies of the American West. But landscapes are not all that you will find here. If it moves (or sets still) it is a possible subject for my camera.

I enjoy photography for many reasons. The opportunity of light, color and contrast is a constant challenge.  To improve, to better capture the scene in front of the lens is my motivation. Photography leads me into the street, up to the hills, to where people gather. I strive to improve my skills and to artistically capture the images that I have always seen in my mind’s eye. I am drawn to the low lights of sunset, the rolling clouds of evening on the plains, the curve of the musicians fingers, the speed and strength of the athlete. Vibrancy of color and contrast of light and shadow intrigue me. I work in both deliberate and spontaneous modes. I plan, scout and approach a subject many times in an on-going process to capture a vision. And I often reach for the camera with no aforethought other to seize the unique or extraordinary light that is offered as a gift. My primary medium is Digital. my images are processed in Photoshop and other software tools in order to express the vision I felt when I looked through the viewfinder.

Sports are another special interest where I spend my time.  To see my sports images please visit www.DaleGSports.com

Dale Grosbach